Spring Draft Seminar

Spring Draft Dog Seminar - April 8 & 9, 2023

This year the Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club will hold a TWO day spring Draft Dog Seminar  (April 8th and 9th ) at the home of  Angie DeBruyn in Erin Ontario.  This seminar is for beginners as well as for those who have already had some experience with draft work.  Dogs must be a minimum of 25 kg and have basic obedience.

Pauline Baldwin is a wonderful instructor who is both an experienced draft dog judge and handler. Pauline will introduce everyone to the joy of doing draft work with their dogs, as well as provide information on equipment choices.  Various harness types will be introduced as well as information on how to determine size and type of equipment required.  Sample harnesses and equipment will be available to try out. 

Draft work has always been a traditional job for Newfoundland dogs.  Once you and your dog become a draft team, there are countless activities in which to participate. Christmas tree drags, parades,  rides for youngsters or hauling your favorite toys or a load of puppies are only a few of the possibilities! 

About the Instructor: Pauline Baldwin

pauline-baldwin.jpgPauline has owned, bred, trained, showed and loved several breeds of dogs for over 35 years. She has mainly owned Newfoundland Dogs, as well as a Cairn Terrier, Parsons Russell Terrier, two Shetland Sheepdogs and four Golden Retrievers.
Pauline’s passion for dogs has kept her busy over the years competing in; Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Water, Draft, Rally, Tracking, Go to ground, WC tests, Hunt tests, and Herding.

She has had two Newfoundlands receive NDCC Ultimate Newfoundland Dog titles and two other Newfs; VN Am/Can Ch. OTCH Seabrook’s Sikome UD, WRDX, DD, CGC, Am CDX, NCA WRD, DD  and Ch. OTCH Mtn High Cheers to the Future at Sikome UD, DD, WRDX, AGNS, JTX, RN, Am Ch, CDX, RN, NCA DD, WRD receive Ultimate Newf obedience titles among their many other titles.  

Pauline has shown dogs in several different Countries and will be one of the sweepstakes judges at the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) National Specialty this year.  She is also a CKC Draft Judge and a NDCC Water Rescue Dog Judge. 

Pauline’s passion has always been in Obedience, placing in the CKC Top Ten all breeds with both Shelties and three of her Goldens. She has placed in the top 10 Obedience Newfoundland Dogs with the Newfoundland Club of America several times. Watching Pauline work her dogs is nothing short of delightful.  

However, Pauline has found a new love; Agility, and in just a couple of years has succeeded in getting a CKC MATCH title on her first trained agility dog, with several agility titles on her Newfoundland dog. 

To watch Pauline work with any dog is a thing of beauty that inspires everyone.  We are so very fortunate to have Pauline come to Ontario to instruct a draft seminar for CONDC.  

Register to Attend

To register please download and complete the registration form. Payment can be sent via etransfer to condcnewfs@gmail.com.

Registration Form


What to Bring:

For You:  

  • Good hiking shoes 
  • Something to drag (eg. small tire, large water bottle, a log)
  • Lawn chair
  • Your lunch
  • A sled if you have one to drag

For your Newf: 

  • Collar
  • 6 foot leash
  • Crate 
  • Any equipment/harness you have
  • Lots of treats and water bowl