Spring Draft Seminar

Spring Draft Dog Seminar - March 10, 2024

The CONDC is excited to provide an opportunity for a rare chance at spending a day picking the brains of 2 CKC Draft Judges. We want to help everyone who plans on entering a draft test be fully prepared in order to have the best chance at passing the test. The goal of this one day seminar is to ensure entrants have a full understanding of the exercises, rules and Judge's expectations.

The seminar will cover off the following:

  • In depth review of the rule book to build a better understanding of each exercise
  • Discuss how the rules impact training
  • Outline the Judge's expectations for the Handler and Dog
  • Discuss the roles of the Stewards at a draft test
  • Walkthrough of the different equipment options and how they affect the dog's performance
  • Demos of exercises to help visualize the rules

It is highly recommended that you have a copy of the CKC Draft Rule Book for this seminar. Rule books can be requested on the registration form if you do not have one.

Draft work has always been a traditional job for Newfoundland dogs.  Once you and your dog become a draft team, there are countless activities in which to participate. Christmas tree drags, parades, rides for youngsters or hauling your favorite toys or a load of puppies are only a few of the possibilities! 

About the Instructors:

Introducing our 2 CKC Draft Judges, June Ward and Peggy Flockhart

June Ward

I first became interested in draft, in 1989 when I watched my first draft test, put on by the Newfoundland dog club, at that time, only Newfoundlands could earn the title.

I attended the first CKC draft council meeting, to have the title opened up to include all breeds. I am still on the council and was the Zone 6 (Ontario West) Draft Dog Rep for the CKC from 2002 to 2016 and in September of 2016 I moved so I am now the zone 4 (Ontario North) rep. Being part of this council allows me to have input when ever a change or additions are proposed for the draft rules.

I have judged in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, & Alberta. I have taught draft seminars in Ontario, Quebec & Alberta. I love working with new enthusiasts, and always try to make it fun.

My first Berner to earn a DDX was Lynn in 2002.

I Presently live in Tiny, Ontario with my Bernese Jersey and Leonberger Truffles. I have been breeding Bernese since 1995 and Leonbergers since 2006.

June training draft dogs 2017.jpg

Peggy Flockhart

I have been involved with training and  trialing dogs in obedience, rally obedience,  water rescue and draft for over 30 years. My first experience with training and trialing was at College Royal at the University of Guelph in 1976. Since then, I have continued to train and title my dogs so I have the advantage of experience as both a competitor and as a judge.

My judging assignments over the past many years have taken me all across Canada; and I have also had the pleasure of teaching many workshops for various  breed clubs. I  serve on the CKC Draft council  representing zone 6 Ontario – West, which provides insight into the draft community across Canada.

My goal when I  am working with my own dog is to have a happy and enthusiastic partner ; when I am teaching a workshop the goal is to provide the information needed to achieve  success; and when I am judging to try to provide positive feedback on that day's performance and hopefully to congratulate the team(s) on a good performance. 


Note About the Seminar

Location: Dreamland Pet 6484 Wellington Road 7, Unit 3 & 4, Elora ON N0B 1S0

Time: 10am to 4pm

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What to Bring:

For You:  

  • Chair
  • Your lunch
  • Drink
  • CKC Draft Rule Book